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January 4, 2013
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That feeling of being left out of the fun by MarwanGreenCritter That feeling of being left out of the fun by MarwanGreenCritter
It's the worst feeling one can feel. Being left out, while everyone else are having fun, and all you can do is stare at them enjoying the fun that you can't enjoy.

I feel like being left out of the fun because of religious restrictions and cultural taboos prevented me from participating it. Actually, yes, I still can; however, it's dangerous, considering that my religion marks just about anything that is considered fairly normal in the West as taboo or sinful.

I also feel like being rejected by certain friends because they declared that they'll only chat with their circle of close friends. Apparently, to them, I'm just a mere "outsider" friend. It's not that easy being able to befriend some of the most awesome artists in DA and FA, because many are so clouded by their online popularity that they just pick and choose who gets to be their "close friend" -- often fellow popular artists like them -- while ignoring the rest.

I'm sorry for making this as my first picture of the year 2013. :dead: Regardless, I've been meaning to draw something like this for sometime. Also, instead of my usual vector-based Flash art, I drew this entirely within PhotoShop. Do you think I should've used Paint Tool Sai instead? It's also the first time in 1-2 years since the last time I plugged my old Wacom Sapphire tablet to my computer.
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This picture is by far one of the most believable pieces of art that I've not only seen but can also relate to. I too have that same kind of feeling that I went through whenever here on dA or in real life, I too feel like a complete outsider as well.

whenever I come on other people's chats, there's tons of other people talking about other stuff and they haven't even said hello or chat with me about something at all. That really makes me hurt. Besides, That how I wanted to really have close friends, people to go hang out with, to get into trouble with, to have fun with. That sort of thing, but what holding me back is my autism (in real life) Although I have been improving with communicating with other people here on the internet but I wanted to build up with communicating with other people in the real world.

This one makes me feel relatable to the picture, aside of the art and expressions and themes of being shut out from other people having fun while the person didn't. This is one of the best. Classic job :happycry:
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Well I got news for you, thankfully I have the ability to post critique and such, I'll give you my critique on this picture.

For starters, I could defiantly relate, not out of religious reasons but for safety and social reasons that are beyond my control. There are times I wish I could go to these parties and clubs and so forth and try to mingle and socialize and such but due to the dangers involved (having my pocket picked, having drugs in my drink, etc) so on top of that, due to my bad vision at night, its very hard on me to even go to these places without the danger level skyrocketing. But enough of my complains, allow me to review your picture.

For starters; your picture clearly hits the head of the nail as far as the impact goes, you as your Greencritter persona stares shocked and sad that you're clearly behind a barrier that seemed easy to break through but without suffering the consequences, the pane of glass is a good visual example.

Originality; I think a large majority of people also share your pain in a way, not just due to religious reasons but like I said from before, due to other reasons that Ive only scratched the surface on. A majority of people including ourselves really feel like we want to try this out but we couldnt.

The technique of this picture really stresses the basics of your artistic talents and the use of colors and shading emphasizes that its very late at night and while Marwan GC outside is muted with night colors, he's clearly illuminated by the music and lights inside the club while others are enjoying the night life, mingling, having wine and cake (So its not a lie after all!) and above all having fun. Yet as stated, you're denied to experience such joy.

Overall Im giving high scores on impact and all categories only because I could so relate to your needs and wants despite we have diffrent culture and religious backgrounds. Personally if I could I would host a party with you a being my guest of honor and I feel inclined that you should have some fun regardless of what people say what is wrong or right, true fun is feeling good and socializing and walking away without any negative incidents.

Above all; you did an excellent job on this art piece Marwan, if only you COULD have a nice party like this.
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xxspiritclawxx Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I can partly relate to this. 
My friend, (on DA, of course) has been hanging with other people more than me. Im not saying that she cant have more than one friend, its just we don't chat a lot... 
I feel left out when she has big conversations behind my back and ignores me when i comment a complement on her work. 
Sometimes i feel like a third wheel.
I love this piece of art, i can comprehence how she is feeling. 
(sorry for spelling mistakes)
MarwanGreenCritter Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks. Yeah, being left out can definitely be very painful. =( I feel like I'm only a mere username in online chats, for example. It's not that easy being able to gather all those friends and such.
xxspiritclawxx Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Aw. Always remember everybody is useful. Your art inspires lots, but even i feel the same. 
Your a great person, and like i said, your art inspires because you feel that way, and so do lots of others.
Hope this helped, keep on arting! 
MarwanGreenCritter Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks again. =) I'll try to do my best in producing more art, because that's what I love doing.
xxspiritclawxx Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
and everyone else loves seeing your art :D
CaseyDecker Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Believe me, I completely understand how the character in this picture really feels, since I remember being in a situation like this not too long ago! :(
MarwanGreenCritter Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
There, there. :pat: Well, it's not that easy being able to make friends. I can relate that. =( Still, having any friends at all is better than having no friends at all.
CaseyDecker Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Yeah, that is absolutely true, and I completely agree with you as well.
ForthSanity Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2013  Student General Artist
Love how you did the windows and you're shading is good, keep trying to improve it though! You didn't put as much as detailed into it as previous pieces you've done. It still looks very good though! You could also, perhaps, could have put more detail into the hands/paws... they seem a little rushed...still effective and nicely colored, but rushed. I like the lighting a lot and how you did the outside behind your fursona.

SAI and Photoshop really depend on which one you feel comfortable with. I suggest learning both if ya can, or combine them too, to create your work. Done right, you can take the things you're the best at in both programs and put them into use at the same time rather than separately.... Learn all ya can.. That's what I think. However, if you find one easier and want to stick with it, than do so.... the tools are really up to the artist and perhaps how the piece is over all both to the artist and the viewer... MOST will point out SAI though, cause many artist rave about it's affordability and works with tablets better. (I personally found that the resolutions can be finicky to make just right in SAI.)

ON another note:

Yeah, we all know that feeling, I think.

Hope things work out with your friends both online and offline... but perhaps it's best not to linger on the online ones (the great artist you speak of)? By that, I do not mean ignore them, but... perhaps look at it as them lingering in that cloud and not you. Don't linger in the cloud with them. You're a great artist yourself, you hold infinite talent, I'm sure you know that. You better. =P

Now, I don't know your connection with these artists and in what context, but generally, I personally think one doesn't need to be friends with other great artist to be a great artist, like some think. I know you probably don't, but that's an issue that does affect many artists, sometimes without them noticing it in themselves. Also the friendship heavily depends on if you relate them and they you, and even more heavily if that relation is on the same level on both sides. If you both know how to make the relation balanced than it's possible for 2 very different people find a common ground all the time and both sides are satisfied with the out come...and not just being nice, but desire to keep that friendship alive for the sake of YOURS and their happiness.That shows they care; the most important thing in any good relation. If that makes sense?

Being popular can also sometimes mean being less open to people, not only because it's hard emotionally to keep track of everyone, but to (more so in some cases than others) to protect their image. They don't mean to be mean sometimes... but with how our society works, we tend to judge those popular more than some unknown, but when the unknown starts to become popular, in come the haters along with the follower/fans. It's a lot....and then sometimes easier for them to relate to someone who knows how that feels. More over, really good artists sometimes befriend each other as a way of marketing rather than a "deep friendship". They can both exchange info with each other, tips on technique AND gain each other's fans. It's more "profitable" to an artist, business wise (popularity wise included) to be friends - even announce to be "close friends" to everyone, purposely, just for more views and page watches... it's sadly the reality sometimes... no always, but sometimes

Hope this rant isn't insulting or too forward in anyway... I just hope that maybe it easies your mind on the subject...cause feeling left outof another person's life you admire or treasure isn't nice. I think, in this case... it's not something I think you should worry much as it seems you do... I also feel sorry ya feel left out, partly cause of that online stuff, though not the main reason...It's something I can give you some opinion and insight on that I have some experience with too

...Good artwork! Keep doing what you love and striving for it! =)
MarwanGreenCritter Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow, that's a very long comment. :O_o:

Regardless, thanks. :hug: Anyway, I admit that hands are not that easy to draw. I guess that's why many artists like to draw them with only four fingers on each hand. (And by four fingers, I mean three fingers and a thumb.) I prefer five fingers, because 1, it's more realistic, and 2, Sonic and Klonoa also have five fingers. Everyone has their own taste.

Well, you were right to guess that I had been trying to befriend a certain artist online. He's the main inspiration for this picture. I can't reveal who he is right here; if you want, though, I can tell you who via a note. A week ago for a period of a few days, I was watching his online art streams. He opens Steam, clearly showing that he's online with tons of other Steam friends in it. I quickly opened Steam as well. I could've sworn I've added him before on Steam many years back. But his username is no longer there in my Friends list. Which means that, at one point, he had removed my username from his list, which in turn also removes his from mine.

A friend of mine sent him a Steam game as a gift. His response? Nothing, not even a thank you. He just accepts the gift and that's it. My friend felt suspicious, so he directly asked him. The artist said that he appreciates the gift, but nowadays he only chats with his close friends. My friend's heart felt crushed.

This artist had been facing money problems as of late. Commissioning appears to be his only source of income, though he also takes donations. I donated him a few dollars to help him pay for his rent. He never replied...

During his art streams, I did try to be humorous in the chat box area, as everyone else were also chatting together as he was drawing his pictures. But, deep down, I felt rejected. I felt like wanting to hate his close friends just because of their "close friend" privilege. Envy turns to jealousy. Thus, I drew this picture.

Well, it doesn't matter now, because I have other friends, too. Friends who actually do care about me, and I care for them back.
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